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“Every day brings a new world of discovery” says co-founder Bridger Bullock. “Our precious little Lola is constantly exploring. I love that about her. But I have to know she can do that without being in danger.” 

There are 5 children under the age of four (and another one on the way!) in the households of Bridger, Kellan, and Trevor, the three co-founders of Aloola. The three friends were shocked to see an increase in news reports of injuries and deaths caused by window blind cords. “We all have window blinds,” says Trevor, “and it’s amazing how little we think of those as potential threats when we are trying to make our homes safe.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission rates window blinds among the top 5 hidden dangers in the home, and a recent study in the journal Pediatrics revealed that 17,000 children under six were sent to the emergency room for window blind-related injuries between 1990 and 2015. That’s almost two a day!

“My heart goes out to the grief-stricken parents who have lost a child in an accident like this, especially because it’s so preventable,” says Kellan. “It all became more real to me when I saw West [Kellan’s youngest son] playing in the blind cords one day and kind of getting tangled up.”

In search for a good solution, Bridger, Kellan, and Trevor were surprised to find that the limited options available were either expensive and required permanent changes to the home, or were unsightly and ineffective. They set out to create the perfect answer to the problem: something that is easy to add or remove, that compliments the beauty of the home, and that works effortlessly with the touch of a button.

Now that they have seen the remarkable benefits of such a product, they hope they can count on others to spread the word. “People need to know it only takes a few minutes to add Cord Zippers to all the windows in their home,” says Bridger. “I can’t think of a better way to show love to those we care most about. Together we can save lives and prevent so much heartache.”

The Aloola cofounders are grateful for the growing support of their cause and are excited to see the world become safer for little ones, one home at a time.