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Congratulations on receiving your Cord Zippers and taking the first step toward greater peace of mind and a safer home for your little ones! 

Step 1 - Prep

First, you’ll want to make sure your window blind cords are the correct starting length. Most blind manufacturers and home builders want you to have the option of shortening your window blind cords to the desired length, so they leave them extra long on purpose. Keeping the cords long is a serious safety hazard, not to mention inconvenient and unsightly. Even if you didn’t have any Cord Zippers, shortening your window blind cords would still be an important step to take.

Close your blinds, then cut the cords to a length that ensures they are reachable by adults but out of the reach of children. Keep in mind that every window is different, and children may attempt to move furniture in an effort to reach blind cords. It is up to you to choose the initial blind cord length that will keep children safe. You may also want to shorten the cords on the opposite side of the window that are used to adjust the angle of the blind slats.

If there are any knobs, beads, or knots on your cords, you’ll need to remove them. Some knobs can be removed by untying a knot, while others are snapped together and need to be pulled apart. You may want to keep your blind cord knobs and beads safely stored somewhere you can remember. That way, you can reinstall them if you ever need to remove your Cord Zippers (for example, if you move to a new home and want to take your Cord Zippers with you).


Step 2 - Attach

Now that your blind cords are the right length, it’s time to attach the Cord Zipper! Please leave the purple sticker on the Cord Zipper in place until AFTER this step, to avoid the attachment piece being sucked into the device prior to complete installation.

Slide the blind cords through the slot of the connector piece, and tie the end of the cords into a knot. If needed, cut off frayed ends of blind cords in order to fit them through the slot. Do not tie the cord TO the connector piece. Rather create the knot (or double-knot if necessary) in the cord itself. If you have multiple cords, we recommend you tie them all together in one knot rather than tying individual knots on each cord.

To test, hold the connector piece and pull the cords tight to make sure the knot won’t slip through the slot in the connector piece.

Step 3 - Retract

Once you have ensured that the connector piece is securely attached to the blind cords, remove the purple sticker.

Guide the connector piece and knot into the hole at the top of the Cord Zipper as you press the button to retract the cords. You can now retract several feet of blind cords each time you draw your blinds!

When drawing heavy blinds, we recommend pulling on the cords themselves instead of the Cord Zipper to avoid putting unnecessary amount of pressure on the device. When lowering the blinds, simply press the button on the Cord Zipper and extend the length of the cords before lowering the blinds to the desired position.

Enjoy the safety, beauty, and convenience of the Cord Zipper in your home!