Put Your Mind at Ease

The Cord Zipper keeps blind cords safely out of reach from curious little adventurers. Experience the peace of mind that comes from giving them a safe haven to freely explore.

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Freedom from the Hassle

Escape from the nuisance of hanging, tying, wrapping, and winding each time you want some added sunlight. With the Cord Zipper, you can retract or extend your blind cords with the touch of a button.

"CordZipper solves a problem that people have had for a long time - but instead of making your blinds look worse with something sitting on the wall to gather the blind cords - it creates an elegant and finished look so you have peace of mind and style."

"Finally a product that actually protects your kids from blind strings!"

"I would buy in a heartbeat for the simple knowledge that I was doing everything I could do keep my children safe. I love how sleek it looks, and that it doesn't distract from the vibe my home. Only adds to it! Love this idea!"

"I would definitely have peace of mind with these in my home! My kids are always playing with the cords, this is a genius solution! They look great, and are so practical!"

"Perfect gift for my children to protect my grandchildren. Definitely putting in my own home as well. So excited for this!"

"The best part of the Aloola cord zipper is the peace of mind it gives our family. It is a must have in our house!"

"Brilliant idea! It is an affordable and simple way to prevent tragedy. It would also keep my cats from messing with my blinds."

Beauty is in the Details

It’s time to take control of the messy tangles that distract from the beauty of your home. Utilize the Cord Zipper to give each window the clean, uncluttered look it deserves.

Simple to Add or Remove

No need to get out the toolset. Easily add the Cord Zipper to your blind cords in 1 minute or less!